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If you’ve never seen, smelled or tasted true handmade, small scale production Extra Virgin Olive Oil then we have a real treat for you.

Generally speaking, even if you buy the “good stuff” from your supermarket or deli you’ll be buying something that is most likely blended from different harvests, sometimes from different regions – and sometimes even from different countries! It’s also unlikely that you’re getting anything like fresh oil – that “decent” bottle on supermarket top shelf could easily be more than 2 or 3 years old!

Our Artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very different – scroll a little further down for info on the 6 things that go towards making the difference, for a truly sensational oil.


This is what you need to know about our olive oil:

It’s Amazing flavour

  • The flavour of our Olive Oil is just incredible – buttery and super soft at first and then a monster rush of delicious peppery spice Italians call “picante” – that knocks your socks off!

100% Organic

  • OK, so you won’t see a soil association or any other organic certification mark on our tins and bottles but you can be assured we do not use any chemicals on our land at all – nothing, nada, niente – zilch.
    We do allow a local farmer to graze his flock in the olive grove over winter and spring to add a little of Mother Nature’s fertiliser to the land!

Single Estate

  • This means all the olives that we use to make our oil come from one place – our place! We have a little over 100 olive trees, of different varieties. Single Estate means just that – the oil that we sell is from our trees on our land, that we love and care for.

Cold Pressed

  • Another key factor to making better oil. Some oil is pressed after the olive pulp has been heated up – the heat allowing more oil to be extracted – but that’s not traditional and highly unnatural. Our oil is cold pressed – the oil comes out only if it wants to, in a 100% natural way.


  • Filtering out the fine sediment that’s in all pressed olive oil is not a bad thing but our oil is unfiltered for a truly authentic experience. You may get a little sediment at the bottom of your tin or bottle if you’ve left it for quite some time – this totally normal for unfiltered oil.

Extra Virgin

  • As soon as the olive fruit is picked from the tree you’ve got to get it to the Frantoio (olive press) pretty sharpish – reason being is that olives have an “acidity level” and it’s this level that governs whether your oil is Extra Virgin, Virgin or just plain old Olive Oil. The longer between picking and pressing, the higher the acidity and your Extra Virgin can turn into Virgin if you’re not quick about your business!
    Technically speaking to be classed as Extra Virgin, your oil must have an acidity level of .8 % or lower. When this season’s oil was tested it came in at .2 % acidity – yep, it’s ultra virgin!

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You can pay with any Major Credit Card or Paypal – and our Check-Out pages are secured with SSL (you know, that little padlock in the address bar) – so your Private Data is Safe

Note, the 3,6 and 12 month subscriptions will be back soon!