2020/21 Season - 1 Litre


This is a 1 month subscription to our Olive Oil Club – you will receive 1 Litre of our delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil for 1 month Only.

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Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is:

  • Organic
    • We do not use any chemicals on our land at all – nothing, nada, niente – zilch.
  • Single Estate
    • The olives that we use to make our oil come from one place – our place!  Single Estate means just that – the oil we sell is from our our trees on our land, that we love and care for.
  • Cold Pressed
    • Some oil is pressed after heating up the olives – but that’s not traditional and highly unatural.  Our oil is cold pressed – the oil comes out only if it wants to, in a 100% natural way.
  • Unfiltered
    • Our oil is unfiltered for a truly authentic experience in taste, color and texture.
  • Ultra Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    • Technically, to be classed as Extra Virgin, you’re oil must have an acidity level of .8 % or lower. Our oil this season was tested and came in at .2 % acidity  – yep, it’s ultra virgin!

Organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from my Little Grove In Puglia