Italy's Deep South
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Hello from Puglia

Deep in the countryside of southern Puglia we have found a little slice of Mediterranean paradise. Roughly halfway between the two historic whitewashed hill towns of Ceglie Messapica and Ostuni is the place we call home in Italy.

Untouched by mass tourism, the area and its people purvey the values we crave for in life – family, nature, food, history and tradition.

And along with a summer that lasts 5 months, the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic coast a short drive away, some of the regions best and most celebrated restaurants moments away, it really does tick a fair few boxes.

The Love Affair

I fell in love with Puglia, more than 10 years ago when first here on holiday, eventually buying a run down house in the countryside knowing full well it would be a long term project but it really was a dream come true.

And when you buy a house in the country in Puglia you invariably have a little land, and on that land you invariably have some olives trees – it’s pretty much a given.

The thought of making Olive Oil was something I hadn’t really considered but I have more than 100 olive trees so it quickly dawned on me that that this dream come true had a rather large cherry on the top – I could produce my own Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

And I did !

And so, the Oil

This website is where you can learn about, and buy my oil – I plan to extend the blog to tell more of my story of my life in Puglia, olive oil, and buying and renovating in southern Italy.

But for now check out the Olive Oil Club where you can subscribe to have delivered to your door the freshest, organic and best tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oil you’ve ever come across.


Organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from my Little Grove In Puglia